Blades & Belts


Mower Blades

We sell blades for most all mowers we sell! If we don't have the blades in stock that you need, we can order it.


Mower Belts

We also sell belts for most all mowers we sell! If we don't have to belt in stock that you need for your mower, we can order it.


Tips to a Healthy Lawn


Sharpen Mower Blade

Keep your mower blade sharp to get the best results from each mowing. A sharp blade cuts grass cleanly, while a dull blade tears grass, creating a jagged, uneven edge. These tears create openings for pests and diseases to enter grass blades. A lawn that has been cut with a dull blade develops a whitish or brown hue as the tips of individual grass blades die back. Sharpen blades at least a few times during the mowing season. Avoid mowing over thick branches or stones to reduce blade dulling or even damage. Consider purchasing an extra mower blade, so that you always have a sharp blade at the ready.  credit DIYN