Another Ferris 3200 Mower Cab.

Getting loaded up and going to Oklahoma.

Happy Cool Mowing!!!!

Cab N Air

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This is our Air Conditioned Mower Cab.  No more dealing with the pesky bugs or sun beating down. 

World's First Air Conditioned Zero Turn Cab

Cab -N -Air by B & D Technologies, LLC

Features a 22,000 BTU A/C unit with a 39,000 BTU condenser.  These cabs are steel constructed to keep dust, pollen, and other allergenic materials out.  It also has tinted lexan to protect you from harmful UV rays. Our cabs are currently designed specifically for Ferris™ and Snapper Pro™ models." Summer heat keeping you from mowing your lawn?  Cab N Air will keep you perfectly cool while mowing!  For more information, please visit:

The World's First Air Conditioned Zero Turn Mower Cab

Ferris IS 3200Z with Air Conditioned Cab

Want to be able to enjoy cutting grass while avoiding the heat?   

Cab-N-Air will keep you cool and dust free while mowing.

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Stop by the office to check out Cab N Air in person and try it out! Have any questions? Feel free to give us a call: (757) 787-880 or  (757) 710-1634 Send us an email at


As you'll see when it's hot outside and you have to cut the grass, how nice it would be to do it in cool comfort. Once finished, step out of the cab and you will be ready for a cold one on the Patio without having to get cleaned up first. Visit our website at

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Berle Reynolds & Devon Fairhurst


Berle Reynolds - President

Devon Fairhurst - Vice President

Cab N Air

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